Hendry Regina Movie Review

For movie freak couple like Hendry & Regina, it is only natural that watching movies are part of their couple routine.

Hence, they create this movie review so years from now, they can look back and remember the moments and comments when they watched them.

American Assasins – 14 Sept 2017

Hendry: 7/10 | Regina: 6.5/10

Both agree it is the first time seeing Dylan O’Brien play such a dark and badass character but he pulled it off. They also love Charlotte Vega who although didn’t act much in the movie but still, so pretty and HOT!

It is entertaining (you-dont-have-to-think-too-much kinda movie). It wasn’t a 10, coz it’s not that touching or have much moral of the story behind it. Some part makes no sense and not a fan of gory sadistic torture scene (Regina closed her eyes through that part).

One question they were pondering after the movie was: Will the Muslims feel somehow offended by the storyline? Well.. We hope not.


Blade Runner 2049 – 7 Oct 2017

Hendry: 6/10 | Regina: 4/10

Both agreed that the movie is too draggy – 3 freaking hours. One example is when Joe was about to meet and talk to his “assumed to be Dad” for the first time. The process is excruciatingly slow. Regina believes there are scenes that are just not necessary, like spinning the roulette table, filming the dog that we thought was gonna attack but basically does nothing cause maybe it is too drunk. Ooh… and also the unbearable music play of Elvis Presley scene that goes on and off plus lagging (for real?).

The first part of the movie was good, but the ending is just not satisfying enough for the audience to sit there for 3 hours. Well, the interesting part is the twist in the plot and also the technological advance like how hologram can sync to human body (but creepy at the same time), which is why Hendry gave them a 6. But Regina is giving a 4 because it is one of the movie where she keeps on wondering when is it gonna end. To Regina, only because Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto are playing, that makes her want to withstand the movie.

Great movies will keep the audience in awe and won’t even realize how long the time has past, best thing if audience won’t want it to end. But Blade Runner is far from that. Some of the audience even give a sigh of relief after the movie ended.


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