Wedding Day


Regina woke up very early that day, not very usual as she is almost always late for everything non-work related.
Maybe also because she can’t really sleep that night. Nervous but no cold feet luckily.
Crown @rinaldyyunardi , gown, ring and shoes are all ready and in place from the night before.

After shower to freshen herself up, she wore her white bride kimono from @fidelleatelier to get ready for her beauty session.
MUA @yulianagoh and hair stylist @wiwelby came to do their magic tricks while I sit and enjoy my wedding newspaper prepared by @novel_journal

Bridesmaids showed up one by one, with tears of joy starting to take pics and say their congrats. Dad and Mum sent me off with their gentle kiss as their blessings. No tears although many expected it.

On the other side, the groom woke up on time as well. When he was wearing his shirt, he feels like in a few hours his life will change, well of course, for the better. He was very nervous because he has sort of like a crowd fright, where he can’t stand being in the spotlight, stared by too many people. But his nervousness was covered by the thoughts of marrying the love of his life, the only girl who he has chased for years, who at last came back to him and love him back. Then his bestmen and his bestwoman knocked his door, ready to escort him to pick the bride up.

Upon arrival, they were barricaded by the bridesmaids, beautifully and uniformly dressed by @casa_de_brides. The challenges faced by the groom and his crew was not that hard, but the punishment was gruesome for Hendry, because he hates fruit so much that he prefers insects instead. Hendry was asked to determine which kisses belong to Regina. After the third guesses, he got it! Phew. No fruit for him. For the second challenge, the groom and bestmen crew then had to get pingpong balls out of a tissue box that has been tied to their hips. Creative idea girls! They gotta show some talent to pass this test.

The groom can now meet the bride. Regina was very nervous. She got out her room, everyone was clapping and at the end of the parade, there he was, standing in his sleek grey suit holding a beautiful bouquet. The MC asked Regina whether he is the right guy. Without hesitation, she answered YES. Hendry again kneeled down on one knee, asked Regina to receive his bouquet. She gladfully received it and pin a boutonniere to ensure that he is the real groom. They can now ride their carriage to the church for their holy matrimony.

Everyone was ready at the church. They finally got off their carriage, gathered in front of the church door with their parents, and welcomed by their priest, Father John. Excited, nervous, scared? Yes Yes and Yes. Pulse was racing the moment they open the door and the choir started to sing. They walked in so beautifully with flower girl to accompany them and their parents behind supporting them.

The church has been beautifully decorated with flowers by @prettyblossomdecor, and the liturgy book is customized with their prewedding photos as the cover. The priest started the ceremony with his preaches about love and family, while Regina cannot wait for the “I do” part and Hendry cannot wait for the “You may now kiss the bride” part. They both get to their favourite part and it all finishes right on time.

Now, it’s time for party! and lunch has been prepared and served by @taipanrestaurant. The now newly wed and their guests head back to the Cambridge condominium for the wedding luncheon, which has been magically transform by @prettyblossomdecor to a flower garden and also with a lot of printed photos from @pictalogi. They got caught up in the traffic for a bit but luckily Medan is not that far to get from one place to another. The first thing they do after they arrive is greeting the guests, and then releasing the colourful balloons up in the air. Continued on, the traditional ceremony is about to start in a beautifully decorated room that used to be a library. After Regina officially called Hendry parents as Mum and Dad, and handed out their souvenirs prepared by @leaf.souvenir and angpaos custom made by @ggpartydesigner and @avthelabel, they get to rest a bit in their bridal suite. Finally, the bride can now take off her beautiful white dress in exchange for her beautiful hand made cheongsam dress “Hummingbird” by @gv_gabriellavania. The traditional ceremony from the bride side carries on where Regina’s Dad give Hendry a harder time calling him Dad. But after three times, he accepts the tea. See, third time is always a charm.

It was indeed a long day but it didn’t finish there. There will be another dinner reception with their close friends and family in J.W. Mariott Hotel, which has been magically turned into a whole new place by @hello.mion. It was planned to only be 10 tables at most, but it slowly increases and increases and became 18 tables at last. Well, that’s normal and that’s what usually happen. After the retouch session with the MUA @yulianagoh and the hair stylist @wiwelby changed her look with a whole new accessories made by @infinite_crown and @casa_de_brides, Hendry and Regina still get to relax and watch the TV for a bit, and the movie that was playing was Real Steel. Their favourite movie star of all time, Hugh Jackman. At one point, they even planned to name their son Logan.

Luckily, they still remember that they have their wedding dinner to attend. They ride to the venue, mingle with the guests for a bit, the 3 tiers real chocolate wedding cakes by @peony.moments have been beautifully presented in the middle of the room, and by 7pm, when all the guests have been assigned to their seats, the MC announces the new Mr and Mrs. Winfield. There were claps, whistles, music all blend into one happy melodies. They walked straight to the stage for their wedding speech, thanking almost every guests in the room because each one of them are special. Hendry who was never very good with crowds gave a 10 seconds speech before Regina took over and give her long speeches in 3 different languages. Guess that’s what it means by they balance each other, one doesn’t talk much and the other talked too much.

They continued with champagne popping. Regina took about 2 mins to finally get it popped and that is also thanks to Hendry’s help. The family joined them in the stage to give the wedding toast. Foods starting to be served and all the tables details are just so pretty and connects to the whole blue starry theme. Very Hendry and Regina. They continued to mingle and cheers with each and every table, without missing anyone. Everyone drank to their heart content, while pictures are candidly taken by @simpulweds and @novel_journal.

Suddenly, the ballroom turned dark and the 8 mins same day edit video by @broadwaycreation was shown. It started with the writings by Regina about her Right Man at the Right Time in the Right Place. Hopefully, you will get to see it in their youtube channel HendryReginaStory after their wedding reception on the 6th of August. Hendry and Regina then cut the cake for the guests as dessert, and the hilarious part was the bestmen and bridesmaids speech afterwards. Winny and Ivana speech was very touching that Regina was ALMOST teary. They wanted to make her cry but she’s one tough woman to crack. Marlina, as one of Regina’s oldest friend, then represents her group to give a few additional touchy words. Still, Regina did not budge. No tears were spotted. The bestmen, represented by Herry and Shelly, gave more of a funny speech. They were never a serious bunch to begin with. There were even speech from Jacky who was supposed to be there as one of Hendry’s bestmen, but then forgot that he actually had a family trip to US that he already bought the ticket to. What a joke, right? That’s Jacky for you.

The night ended with more and more toasts. From the beginning until the end, all was well organized by @prime_eventplanner. After a few men down, Hendry and Regina then head to their bridal suite, ready to get some…. sleep.

Hope you enjoy reading this one last post before the wedding reception.


Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Organizer: @prime_eventplanner
Luncheon Management: @taipanrestaurant
Cambridge Condominium Management

JW Marriott: @hello.mion
Church and condominium: @prettyblossomdecor
Sangjit: @carousel.hampers
Printed photos: @pictalogi

Video: @broadwaycreation
Photo: @arlaproductions @novel_journal @simpulweds

Dresses: in collaboration with @texsaverio
Suits: @wonghangtailor 
Cheongsam: @gv_gabriellavania
Bridesmaids gowns: @casa_de_brides
Bride Kimono: @fidelleatelier

Wedding shoes:
@manoloblahnikhq @rinathang

Wedding cake:

Souvenirs & angpaos:
@ggpartydesigner @avthelabel @leaf.souvenir

MUA n Hair:
@yulianagho @wiwelby @pattiekho
Hair Accessories:
@rinaldyyunardi @infinite_crown @casa_de_brides




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