On the 8th of June 2017, Regina’s 27th birthday, she got the most priceless presents one can get, a new Family and blessings from all the Gods and Goddesses she grow up praying to.

Regina started her day very early in the morning, even before her alarm sounded. She knows it is one of her biggest day, so she looked into the mirror, say to herself “This is it. First out of the 3 big events. If things do not run as perfect as you want it to be, don’t let those simple glitches affect your happiness”, and then give herself an ear to ear smile. She then showered and waited for the Make Up Artist, Patricia Kho to come. Additional note: Patricia Kho is her Mom’s best friend since Regina was a kid, and the most amazing fact is that she ever did a make up session for Miss Universe 2002, Oxana Fedorova of Russia, during her visit to Medan. After the make up, come the hair part, done by Nelsi from Kie Kie salon. He does has great talent as hairstylist.

The photographers and videographers then started to show up one by one, taking shots here and there. Regina felt like a superstar, although on the day she is indeed the main star. Her friends and families also started to come congratulate her.
When she changed to her red dress, complete with the beautiful red cape custom made by Natharika Septhiana, it is like she changed to a beautiful swan.

On Hendry side, as a guy, he did not really has to do much. The perks of being a guy. He woke up and ready within 20 mins. Same thing with him, his every move was being photographed and video. When everyone from his family also done getting ready, they then started their journey bringing all the Sangjit necessary items to be given to Regina’s parents, as a token for asking Regina and her family to finally become one with theirs.

According to the tradition, Hendry was not allowed to follow the parents to Regina’s home so he has to wait in the condominium lobby and Regina has to hide in her room until all the processions are done. Regina doesn’t mind waiting because that means she got more time for photo sessions. It did not take that long though, and Hendry may then come up to finally meet the bride. Although they met every single day, but the meeting up part still makes them nervous, and this is just Sangjit. Regina and Hendry already starting to imagine how many times more nervous they would be on the wedding day and the wedding reception later.

After the traditional ceremony is clear, they were to be blessed as a couple in the Buddhist Temple in Jl. Irian Barat. The blessings and prayers was carried out by 11 monks and the holiness of the scene that day gave them goosebumps. They first prayed to the God of Justice and Righteousness, Guan Yu. Regina’s family has been praying to Him and asking for guidance since they were young, and even their wedding date was chosen with His approval. They continued on to pray to the Thousand Hands Guan Yin as Regina was baptised under Her care ever since she was just a baby. Before it ends, the monks even gave them charms to protect them and their marriage.

To thank the Gods for this holy event, Hendry and Regina also released 560 birds from the cages outside the temple, and gave out red pockets for orphan children. Last but not least, with the help of Artha Graha Peduli, they gave out 50 sembako packages to the poor people in the area. They looked so happy making other people happy.

As it was also Regina’s birthday, Hendry, with the help of their Wedding Organizer, made her a surprise by getting her favourite cakes. On top of all the Sangjit presents, Hendry also bought her a birthday present. She was a Queen that day.

Next up, they are to be blessed in Catholic Church on the 20th of June, and they are required to go through “Kursus Pra Pernikahan” which apparently Regina finds to be one of the best class she has ever attended.

Note: If you find their wedding is unique because they are being blessed both in Catholic and Buddhist ways, and you have question regarding that, here is a brief answer. Don’t worry, you are not the only one asking that question.
Ans: True that they have different religion. Hendry is a Catholic and Regina is a Buddhist, but instead of having one converts to the other, they decided to ask for blessings from both Gods. When people asked them “Why both?” They answer “Why not?”. They are quite lucky that their respective religion allows marriage with people from different religion, so they do not need to convert. But the major reason behind it is that they have been praying to those Gods to keep them together all this time, so it only makes sense for them to thank both Gods that they have finally made it to this day. What’s important is that they respect each other’s religion and they live right by their teachings.


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