Prewed Theme: “Reminisce”


Where it all begins, and the place that will forever remain special for the two of them.

The first question asked by the photographer was that: “What’s the theme for your photoshoot?” Hendry and Regina don’t really have a theme in mind, whether it is gonna be classic or fairytale or rustic etc. But one thing for sure is that they are going there to reminisce to all those places they have been to, and so they came out with the idea to retake all those moments that was previously only captured in their memory, and make it into a video.

Regina also doesn’t want it to be just like any other video. She wanted to make it like an interview where Hendry and Regina get to tell the viewers their own version of the story, which is why it took them 4 days to get it all wrapped up.

Because they also wanted time to enjoy their prewedding holiday, they decided to fly in earlier. On the 14th, they went for their first ever couple holiday, before being caught up by the rest of Regina’s family few days after. Regina’s brother, Louis Amal, who at the time has not become a well known photographer yet, asked them to be his model. Being a supporting sister and soon to be brother in law, of course they said OK. Anyway, free photo sessions, why not?

Louis has been in love with photography for quite some time already, and he also has his friend, Alfa, who he usually go photoshoot with. When they meet, they speak their own photography language only the two of them would understand. One interesting fact is that Arla Production, which is short of Alfa Rein and Louis Amal, was actually established during their dinner together in Madang after Hendry and Regina photoshoot, so practically Regina and Hendry are their first client, and a very satisifed one.

Here are the list of places Hendry and Regina went for photoshoot with Arla Production:
Sydney photo spots:
1. Coca Cola signboard in Darlinghurst – unique, love this one here, and it is closeby Regi’s favourite Spice I Am Thai and Gelato Messina.
2. Night view of Sydney Opera House from afar – a typical must have, c’mon it’s Sydney.
3. Blue Mountain – where they were said to be the best dress hikers because they were the only one wearing dress and suit in there.
4. Sunset at Three Sisters – barely can see it anymore but this place still bring back memories.
5. University of New South Wales (main road, library, lecture room, upper campus, park) – for sure, it’s their second home.
6. Gelato Anita – the real purpose is for the ice cream although the place is also perfect for casual photoshoot.
7. Night time outside Sydney Luna Park – with the lights and ferris wheel, feels like you are in wonderland.

The lovely couple and Louis then fly to Melbourne to join with the rest of Regina’s family.
As much as they love Sydney, they have to give credit to how much Melbourne has developed over the years.
The city feels comfortable and clean, and the atmosphere is perfect for photoshoots.
Louis took more photos in this beautiful city where he claims to be his turf after winning 2nd place for Melbourne street photography.

Melbourne photo spots:
1. Brighton beach – you can pick any color you want and any number you like, they will have it.
2. St. Kilda – perfect for sunset shot, but be careful while walking through the rocky rock.
3. Lavandula Lavender Farm – taking photo in the middle of the lavender is not as easy as one would think.
4. St. Patrick Cathedral – the holiness of this place sure gives powerful aura, and this place produces the best results out of all.
5. Royal Exhibition Building – loving the design of the building, the fountain, and the park surrounds it, feels like travelling back in time.

After 5 days in Melbourne, they went back to Sydney. This time, to retake all the moments to be included in the video and wedding journal. These photo and video sessions feel like they were making a short movie. They are not actor and actress so obviously they do not know how to act, which makes it funny and memorable for them.

Here are the list of places Hendry and Regina went for photoshoot with Novel Journal:
1. Supposed to be in The Grounds of Alexandria but it was just not possible. It was so crowded that there is no place to pose.
2. Not wasting any time, they go straight to QVB, and walked down to Martin Place, passby Angel Place, all the way to Summit 360 restaurants – where they had their fine dining before Hendry asked Regina to be his girlfriend for the third time (Read: Be My Girl).
3. Bather’s Pavilion – retake of the moment where Hendry got rejected the second time. Oops.
4. Sunset at Sydney Opera House – Best timing to take the yellowish reflection of the sun shining the arch of Sydney Opera House.
5. The Rock – Hendry’s first surprise for Regina’s 21st birthday started here, in Pancake on The Rocks to be exact.
6. Bills – Guess who they met in their favourite cafe? Guy Sebastian! The Bills pancake is a must try!
7. Hunter Valley Garden – the maze and the rose garden makes you feel like you are the Prince and Princess who own a castle there.
8. Sand Dune – worst possible weather for photoshoot. It was cold, raining, stormy, windy. Even the guide told them not to do it. But no stopping them now, it is once in a lifetime thing. They dashed out from the car, take multiple shots from every possible angles and dashed back in. Salute the photographers Iyan Xavier and Agustinus Lee Martin for being able to take good shots despite the trembling hands and shivering models.
9. Pacific Square Apartment – retake the elevator scene where they first met, and photos of their old apartments.
How they manage to go to level 6 is a whole other serendipity story. It will take another page to explain the fortunate coincidence of how they met the current tenant of 608 (apartment where Hendry previously stayed in).
10. Coogee Beach – Why not Bondi? Because there is a story here, where Hendry brought Regina to his secret place and they sat there by the edge chit chatting for hours watching the sea view.
11. La Perouse – If you are lucky enough, you might get a shot where all the seagulls flying on the background.

Yes, they were soooo many photoshoots. Tiring? Yes. But they were having a lot of fun while having their moments captured in frames.

For more details about each photoshoot place, wait for Regina’s blog. Coming soon!


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