Marry Me?


Now back to the present day: Hendry had officially asked Regina’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, but he hadn’t made the ‘down on one knee’ proposal to Regina. Even though it has been approved by everyone in their family, Hendry thought there was no way he was going to marry her without one more historic surprise.

Regina had always teased him about how far Hendry would go when he proposed to her. January 2017, Hendry came across Novel journal, a photography service that he and Regina were going to use to document their wedding. Then an idea popped into Hendry’s mind, he thought it would be perfect if he could cover his proposal as well. Plus, it was a challenge for him to do the best proposal ever!

It took him about a month to plan the whole event, and it was not the easiest because he had to do it behind Regina’s back. He needed to come up with all sorts of excuses for all the times he’d been away tell her, this made her furious and they even ended up in a fight a few times. Finally the day arrived, it was the weekend after Valentine’s day, 18th February 2017. They had agreed that instead of having dinner on the Valentine’s day, they should just push it back to the weekend. It was the perfect time for Hendry to finally pop the question to her.

Originally, Hendry wanted to take Regina to a helipad to propose, but it was just not possible. Then he found a restaurant called Bunga Rampai. The main idea of that evening’s surprise was to bring all of her close friends, the people who she really treasures, to celebrate this moment together. Hendry knew Regina might have guessed that he will propose on that evening, but he wanted to make sure that it would be the best day of her life no matter what.

It was pretty early for dinner, but he said it was because he wanted to watch the sunset together. He blindfolded her on the way to the restaurant to build up the anticipation. She suspected he was going to propose by the beach or somewhere. But she was wrong. Hendry took off the blindfold as she entered the place, it was a spacious room with an arched roof made out of glass and big windows along the walls, there was a really long table in the middle just like in Beauty and the Beast movie. When she sat down on one of the only two chairs available, Hendry immediately went down on one knee, gave her the sweetest speech and proposed to her. Her heart was racing and jumping the whole time. When she thought the surprise was over, all of her friends and family came out from their hiding place. Just like how Hendry had predicted, she was ecstatic! The moment was so wonderful, lovely and romantic all at the same time. That night, Hendry and Regina officially made a promise to continue their journey together to the threshold of marriage.



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