Survived The First Year


During these 365 days, they have it sunny and bright all year long. No sadness, only happiness. No cry, only laughter.
Who believe that?

That statement above was Not True. As much as they are deeply in love, sometimes they feel like strangling one another, at least that’s the dramatic version that was played on the back of their mind when they had a big fight. But one thing they hold true is that, no matter how bad things may turn out to be, they must never say the word “Let’s break up”. Another reason is because they may feel hurt at the moment of anger, but to lose each other is a whole different level of pain that they wouldn’t want to bear.

As the tradition goes, Hendry and Regina would go for a fine dining. Again, Hendry will not tell Regina where the place will be. The lucky place this time is Lyon in Mandarin Hotel, Jakarta. Hendry already booked for a sofa at the corner. They ordered their mains, desserts and their tradition of having dessert wine with their meals. Weird right? Every waiters they encounter find it weird and will usually recommend them to pair with other red or white wines, but still they will go with dessert wine. This tradition actually started since their first ever fine dining in Singapore flyer in year 2010, and it just continues until now. Everything feels like usual, except that Hendry has something up his sleeves, and Regina already anticipates something to happen because knowing Hendry, the night won’t go as simple as a fine dining dinner.

TRUE THAT! Suddenly a big bouquet of flowers appear, and it was hidden nearby all along or maybe Regina just wasn’t a very observant girl. Then the dessert came out with writings of “Happy Anniversary” in it. This is no longer a surprise, it is becoming a tradition. Of course, not just that, Hendry took out their anniversary present. He asked Regina to open it and she loves loves loves it. Hendry has always been good with presents and styles, so his presents are always something that will suit Regina well. Most of Regina’s stylish belongings are from Hendry. So she is a super lucky girl to have someone who can style and spoil her. Without Hendry, Regina is a fashion disaster. So if you happen to bump into Regina wearing something totally out of coordination, you know that Hendry is not around to style her up.


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