The Decisive Approval: Go On or Get Lost?


It was the month of Ramadhan and Regina was going back to her hometown in Medan to visit her parents. Hendry, who actually had planned an annual trip with all his workers, decided that he has to bail. The reason being, he has been waiting for the right time to have a serious discussion with Regina’s parents regarding his future with their daughter.

Of course he didn’t wanted Regina to know about his plan, which is why he finds it to be the perfect excuse to accompany her to Medan, and find an opportunity to talk to Regina’s parents.┬áHe apologised to his workers, gather up all his courages, not forgetting to bring the ring he has prepared, and went on with his plan.

Knowing that Hendry and Regina coming back, the whole family went for a 3 hours trip to Simalem, also in time to celebrate Regina’s Mom birthday. They stayed in a newly built hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. They have 2 big villa rooms enough for all of them, and the mountain view on the back of the villa is amazing. They even woke up at dusk to watch the sun rises, and went on hiking down to see the waterfall. The whole family made a surprise for Mom by beautifully arranging all her presents at the back of the villa with birthday cake complete with candles. Upon returning to Medan, they were stuck in a very bad traffic, but it didn’t feel as bad because what matters is the companions, right?

Hendry knew Regina has to go back to Jakarta on Sunday because she got to work on Monday. Hendry then tell a white lie, saying that there was no flight ticket for him on that same day, and so he had to take the flight on Monday. He knew Regina would not be able to extend and would not question him either because the ticket during Ramadhan month is crazy, and he was right. Regina went back to Jakarta first, Hendry stayed back and use that golden chance at night to talk to both Regina’s parents.

They were surprised to see that he has prepared the customized wedding ring, which showed his sincerity and seriousness in this. Dad just said that “If we are not okay with you, do you think you can be here, staying in our house and go holiday with us?” In a sense, that’s a YES! Another mission accomplished. So now Hendry just have to make sure Regina is ready for it.




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