Bintan Through Hendry’s Guide


Regina knows very well that when it comes to special celebrations, Hendry would plan something over the top. In fact it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, he could just pull off a random surprise any day. There is no such thing as just a date with Hendry. Most of the time when he said, “let’s have a date”, he actually meant, “let’s go somewhere extraordinary” or “I have planned something good for you, so let’s see it”. One time Hendry took Regina to his hometown and he said he wanted to show her the best spot there. You’d think that it was a lovely cafe or maybe a beautiful park. It turned out to be a beautiful place called Treasure Bay, with a huge pool — like a mini lake, where people could take a boat ride and had dinner in the middle of the big pool. Hendry had actually arranged all that, and it was a night Regina won’t ever forget.


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