When Destiny Steps In


For some reason, they kept bumping into each other, and every time it was as if things were still the same. Sparks and feelings never truly left them, so the universe spoke to them once again. Nearly three years, now January 2015, have passed before they saw each other again. It was at a wedding ceremony of their mutual friend, Harta. At the time, both of them were already attached to someone else, but they were not with their respective partners at the joyful event. However, their interaction only went as far as hellos and goodbyes.

Six months after, on the 15th of July 2015, Hendry had his tattoo of Mother Mary done in Jakarta. Why Mother Mary? Obviously because he is a Catholic, but another reason is because he prays to Her for the probability of getting Regina back in his life. It works miraculously. That same night, he went out with his friends and he got the news that Regina has ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend, and so his friends try to set them up by asking Regina for a meet up in Skye Lounge. To his surprise, Regina came and they spent the night talking and reminiscing about their Sydney days.


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