The Horrible Break Up


As it turned out, their relationship didn’t last for very long — four months to be exact, seemed like the universe were just playing tricks on both of them. At first, they reckoned that they were just giving them a short break, a pause. However, that was left for too long and they had to end it. It was a sad and nasty break up, Regina had to end their relationship or it would drive her mad. Hendry couldn’t accept it though, the fact that it was ending really affected him. On 2nd January 2012, they parted ways, both of them finished their studies, went to work and that was it…

Well, if this was a tragic sad tale, it would just end there and then, and there would be no more stories to tell. But this was not a typical straightforward love story; in fact, Hendry and Regina’s was never simple right from the beginning. However, a lasting love is one that can live and withstand the ever-changing seasons, or in their case, a horrible break up. Hendry reacted quite extremely afterwards, he ended up dating another girl just 3 months after the break up. Regina, on the other hand, just went on and continued with her life. The funny thing was, fate took a liking in meddling with their affair; clearly it wasn’t done with them yet.


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