Trips: Where To?


One of the trips they had back in their Sydney days is to “The Entrance”, a district centre and town in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, almost 2 hours away from their home. Hendry was really looking forward to it. They were supposed to go just the two of them, but Regina asked her brother to join them. Hendry was annoyed at first, cause he was looking for a short trip for just the two of them. But by the end of it, he was thankful to have Louis there with them, since he get to take photos for the two of them aka free personal photographer. What could be better?

They went to the Entrance beach, but without bringing any proper beach attires, and was not planning for a dip. Then why would they go there? They have no idea. To not let it wasted, they had their lunch there although it was packed. There wasn’t anything special except for the beautiful landscapes while they drive through the almost empty roads. Hendry and Louis even took photos sitting and sleeping in the middle of the road although Regina kept reminding them how dangerous it can be. Guess boys will always be boys!

They figured they still have time before heading back home, and they were not satisfied with The Entrance, so they looked for what’s interesting in the nearby area and found “Australian Reptiles Park”. They managed to make it in time to go in and enjoy looking around, taking photos there for a while. Even though it’s a reptiles park, they still have all the Australian trademark animals, like the kangaroos, koala, dingo, wallabies, and wombats. They stayed until the closing time then head back to their home sweet home.


It was during that study week before the exam period where most students starting to stress out and regret why they skip class before. The same goes to Hendry, Regina and their group of friends. Part excuse and mostly need blessing, Regina sounded to the group for a trip to Nan Tien temple in Wollongong, which is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the southern hemisphere. To her surprise, many agreed despite some of them being non-Buddhist. Maybe they need a short break before the exam, or maybe they just don’t wanna miss out. Either way, there were 3 cars with about 10 people going for this trip. It was somewhat cool having the car convoy during the whole trip.

Upon reaching, everyone was famished. To their surprise, they found out that the temple only sell vegetarian food. Well, actually it should not have been a surprise, it’s common sense. Temple, Buddhist, Vegetarian, lightbulb? But anyway, they still decided to eat there because no way they gonna drive another mile to find other restaurants.

After the Buddhist do their prayers and the Non-Buddhist took their time exploring the temple, they went further down to Kiama to see the famous Blowhole before heading back to Sydney. The trip was short, but it creates memories and that is what’s important.



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