Be My Girl


Getting Regina to agree to be his girlfriend was a lengthy process for Hendry, and she was definitely not the easiest woman to pursue. Even though their first date went smoothly, Hendry still needed to prove himself over and over again through many dates, and surprises.

For instance, on their second date, they had a fine dining at Singapore Flyer. There, he asked her whether she’d like to make their relationship official. Regina was shocked, since she initially thought this was way too soon and she needed more time to get to know one another. Hence, she declined his offer. Nonetheless, they still hung out, this time to really understand each other, for the next six months as Hendry gathered his courage to ask her once again. To his surprise and disappointment, still, she rejected.

Hendry never gave up though, and it certainly paid off in the end. Again, they went for a dinner out at Bathers Pavilion; they were a lot more familiar with each other now. Hendry even hosted a surprise party for her 21st birthday, which is still one of the biggest surprises she had ever received from him. She realized then that she would never find anyone as sweet and resolute as he was, and promised to herself that she would finally go out with him if he was to ask again, which he did, of course. It was the 6th of August, after their dinner at a revolving restaurant, The Summit, Hendry took Regina to a park with the view of Sydney’s very own Harbour Bridge. There, he offered once more and at last, she said yes! It was undoubtedly a moment worth celebrating. They were finally exclusive and everything was just wonderful, as if nothing bad could ever happen.




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