Medan Through Regina’s Guide


Hendry has never been to Medan, but he can’t wait to visit the city where Regina grew up and of course, take it to another level by meeting her big family. Hendry remembered how he was introduced to countless of aunties, uncles and cousins that he got their names all mixed up, especially with her naughty cousins kept changing their names to confuse him even more. But since Hendry has always been a Joker, he plays and jokes along with them, and shortly got everyone’s approvals.

After the big family, then comes Regina’s close friends who have known her since they were in primary schools.
They went to Warung Wak Noer to have coffee. It was his first time trying out Kopi Luwak, which he found was exaggerated, wasn’t as good as what has been claimed but he was interested by the way it was presented.
At the time, Regina and her friends like to play UNO card. They played while enjoying their coffee and food. Hendry was bullied by them that he didn’t get any chance of winning. But, deep inside, he knows he was winning something more important, that is, Regina’s heart.

Continue on, they went to play Bowling in Perisai Plaza. Again, Hendry got teased and bullied because he was not very good at it, but with his charms, he manages to get along very well with Regina’s friends. So well that Regina’s close friends kept telling her that Hendry is The One, that she has to hold on to him, that she should not have waited any longer to be in a relationship with him, and so on and so forth. Regina was impressed by how fast he managed to charm her family and friends. Her feeling towards him did get stronger but still, not enough to get her to say Yes.

After 4 days staying in Medan, his mission has accomplished. So it was time to head back.



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