Disney Princess Movie For A Happily Ever After


It was at Golden Village where they watched their first movie, Hall 02, row J05 and J06.
It was already quite late, the movie started at 21.40, but they still go for it because it was Friday and they just enjoy their time together that it really doesn’t matter even if they are going to get scolded for going back home later than usual.

What Regina remembered most of this encounter is that how Hendry kept looking at her, like he was about to say something but he was still gathering his courage to say it out. After a while, Hendry suddenly asked a question which Regina found very unusual yet she found him cute for asking.

“May I hold your hand?” Hendry asked.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t something that is difficult to answer, but it wasn’t something a guy would ask a girl when they go on a date, they would just hold it, at least that’s what Regina thought. Well, the plus point is that it shows that Hendry is a gentleman. He would not have done it without her permission.

And so Regina, a bit shy but also excited, says “Okay”. Simple, but that word puts a big smile on Hendry’s face.
For the rest of the movie, their fingers tangled, and apparently since then their hearts are also forever tangled.



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