Lingering Sensation of The First Date


Then came the much anticipated first date. They arrived at a fine dining restaurant in Dempsey Hill for their dinner reservation. “It was all so lovely,” Regina recalled. It was an extravagant experience and she was pleased with how Hendry treated her throughout the night. Though their plates have long been cleared, Hendry and Regina didn’t want to go back just yet, both were in no hurry to end the beautiful night. Stepping out of the restaura

nt, they spotted Ben & Jerry’s next door and both agreed that dessert was in order.

Coincidentally, a live band was performing a song by Sixpence None The Richer, Kiss Me, and somehow they ended up playing a game of Guess The Song. Time passed and they finally had to call it a night. Hendry took Regina home and, as reality set in ever so slowly, a whiff of nervousness began to seep in. It was that awkward hesitation many guys and girls felt at the end of a date. Do we kiss now? Do we hug? Or do we just shake hands and say our goodbyes?

Hendry made the move, he swiftly decided to just hug Regina and kiss her forehead. That was it, a sweet night ended. Both of them parted with a lingering sensation and a story to remember. For it was just one of many memorable dates they were going to have.



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