It’s A Date! Thank You, Professor Rose


One day, Professor Rose decided to be their agent of destiny. Hendry was on campus when he spotted a number of posters of a woman who looks like Regina and shares her surname, plastered around UNSW. He made a bet with his cousin that she must have been related to Regina. With that in mind, he decided to message her on Facebook and voila! She replied. Hendry was in luck, it seemed.

This happened during the holiday in December 2010, when Regina was doing an internship in Singapore. Of course, she was surprised to receive a Facebook message from Hendry out of the blue, he was asking about a poster that he found and wondered if the lady in it was her aunt, and to her surprise, it really was. Not knowing the reason that drove him to send that picture, they ended up chatting with each other, and it was pleasant.

That conversation via Facebook message? That was Hendry and Regina’s very first decent conversation since the event in Australia, back in August. As it happened, Hendry had planned to go back to his home in Singapore for the holiday and was already at the airport when he sent her that message. Hendry didn’t want to lose their newfound connection, he then offered to be her tour guide since he lived and went to school in Singapore for years. He essentially asked her out, and she said yes. Who knew having an aunty as a professor could lead to this?


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