First “Hi”


Hendry truly believes in what is called ‘meant to be’. After the elevator incident, he needed no more assurance to pursue Regina. He bumped into her a couple more times at places that he didn’t expect, like the dumpster area of the apartment building. In fact, they exchanged their first word — “Hi!” — when they were throwing their rubbish out. Since then, Hendry began collecting more garbage at his flat so he could visit the dumpster area in their apartment building more often, hoping to see her again and to chat with her longer. Alas, it never happened. On the flip side, he was doing his chores and his room was evidently cleaner.

Those few accidental encounters only made it clearer that the universe was nudging at him. Moreover, he was moving out of his apartment soon, and he planned on not wasting anymore time to find a way to keep in touch. For instance, offering her some of his furniture. And they say romance is dead.

Thus, one quiet night, he went knocking on Regina’s door. He was shocked to find a man answering her door, he thought, “Oh no, a guy? He must be her boyfriend”. Luckily, after Hendry stated his intention for disturbing them that night, the guy on the door shouted, “Sis!”. To Hendry’s relief it was just her brother, although unfortunately his attempt to get her number didn’t bear fruit that night. After that, everything went silent, things seemed to remain stagnant for months. As if nothing would ever develop between them.



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