How They Met: An Elevator Ride To Level 6


It all began on a dry, winter morning in Sydney. Hendry had just came back from his early morning flight training. He thought it was just another day with an annoying morning class, little did he know his destiny was about to change. Like any other day, he casually parked his car at the basement of the apartment where he was staying, he went into the elevator then he pressed 6 to go up to his floor. “Ding!” the elevator stopped at the lobby and a girl walked in, still wearing her pyjamas and holding a bunch of mails on her hand. Hendry recognized her from a previous bus ride, but he didn’t know they were neighbours.

Regina woke up that morning thinking it would just be one of those lazy mornings before class. It was still pretty early so she went to get her mails, it has been a while since she last checked her mailbox. She re-entered the elevator to head back to her apartment, and there she found a guy all dressed in his aviation suit. Just like Hendry, she knew next to nothing about what the universe were about to throw at her that day, or she would have at least worn something better. But no, she was still in her pyjamas and all fresh from bed. It was a little embarrassing, to say the least, and it would only get more awkward if the guy stayed on the same floor. Which, of course he did. Regina and Hendry lived just two apartments away from each other. Was that a serendipity or a disaster? We’ll see.

That morning, that clumsy elevator ride, that silent walk in the hallway, that stolen glances at each other, all was just a beginning to an exciting chapter in their life. As corny as it sounds, Hendry felt that their chance meeting was kismet. It wasn’t mere curiosity that made him want to know more about Regina, it was fate urging him to not let her slip through his fingers.

Regina, on the other hand, just chalked up the whole encounter as a really strange coincidence of finally finding out who one of her neighbours was. Ah! What a beautiful scenario, both Regina and Hendry hadn’t the foggiest idea what the universe had in store for them.



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